Trade Marketing

Trade Marketing

An extensive experience in the field of marketing enables to understand and choose the most efficient way to promote the represented brands. UAB ‘Osama’ – are the professionals in their field with a separate marketing department which creates innovative ideas, plans and coordinates the promotion processes, organizes the logistics of prizes. The experience is based on concrete results – TYMBARK, KUBUŠ, LUBELLA – from zero to introducing products to market which have become leaders.

Products care specialists help to implement different sales promotions in the sale points. They take care of additional displaying of products, finishing of shelves, production and presentation of advertising material and smooth organization of sales promotion campaigns itself. It also coordinates and implements tastings or other marketing solutions at any merchant’s location in Lithuania.

In case of a need, we can take care of image campaign and brand development, increase of its visibility. We help manufacturers set marketing budgets, retail pricing, and product demand. We constantly analyse the market and perform the analysis of competitors and, on the basis of such analysis, we develop and implement business strategies of brands. We help manufacturers to establish marketing budgets, retail pricing and demand for goods. Today, you will be delighted with the new, smart system, the OMS - Osama merchandising system, which is a great tool for providing data for brand development. Thanks to this system, it is also possible to respond more quickly to market changes, to change solutions. Also, the understanding of customers and the market opens the door to creating and applying different campaigns to different sales channels.

Main Marketing Services:

  • Preparation and implementation of media plans
  • ATL, BTL advertising organization
  • Coordination of advertising compliance in accordance with Lithuanian law
  • Organization of conferences, product presentations for clients
  • Presentations
  • Creation of motivational, loyalty programs, coordination
  • Shares, lotteries, organization, coordination
  • Product visualization, photography
  • Creation and preparation of promotional material
  • Designing (packaging, image advertising, etc.)
  • Advertising monitoring, competitor monitoring and analysis
  • Price analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales reports
  • Distribution reports

Also, another very important aspect is legal regulation and quality in the business. European and Lithuanian regulations are continuously monitored and communication with responsible state institutions ensures quick reaction and customer confidence, while the analysis of competing product configurations allows us to create the exclusive value of the represented products.

We offer these legal regulation and quality services:
  • Translation of texts
  • Analysis of competing product configurations
  • Preparation and control of conformity of the composition with the regulation of Lithuanian and European legislation
  • Labeling of packages