Sale of goods


A smooth sell requires not only timely delivery of goods to the largest number of trading venues. It requires attractive presentation of goods and constant professional supervision of them. ‘Osama’ brings a completely new approach to the work culture in the distribution sector - pioneers and, at the same time, developers of an intelligent system of quality efficiency in this business – OMS – Osama merchandising system, which helps to understand every customer as a unique system offering different products with different capacities in the sales process. The goal of each salesperson is to find out all about the product and offer exceptional value ideas, so creativity is important, it needs to be versatile, an approach to the product from different perspectives to give real benefits.



  • ‘Osama’, with its long-standing trading experience and experienced sales team, has built up excellent relationships with its customers. Customers are presented with new products, negotiated for their introduction to the market, improvement of existing positions, organization of shares and other conditions. Responsibility and flexibility helps build and maintain excellent customer relationships.
  • We are seeking is to continuously improve the knowledge of the sales team. To pursue it, sales training is organized several times a year.
  • With a large sales team in Lithuania and Latvia, all processes are considered cleverly. For this reason, partner costs for labor resources are saved. Orders are accepted not only communicating by electronic devices but also by a direct visit to the customer.

We provide these sales services:

  • The main action – ‘Osama’ has created a smart system that ensures a better care for the products. The service creates an exclusive focus on the listed products amongst others, helps to grasp the potential of the brand and notice things that can be improved. As a result, it allows to take a big step ahead of competitors and reach the goals of return and profit easier.
  • Planogram control - with the smart OMS system, it is possible to supervise the location of the products in the shelfs online and identify weak points of inventory and execution of agreements.
  • Promotion controlsupervising of price visibility, timely supply of residues, loadings of shelves from the warehouse and presentation of promotional material.
  • Stands control - it is supervised that the production is placed not only on shelves, but also in additional expositions, coordinating of products residues, stands visibility and circulation.
  • Fixed Distribution - with a wide range of market visions, we will give an advice on the level of distribution required for a specific brand, the level of stores that are targeted products, and with the smart OMS program will ensure that agreements are implemented.
  • Active sales - every day a well-developed sales team engages customers directly, negotiates and distributes products at all possible trading places.
  • Telesale - an active sales and orders receptions by phone.
  • Inactive sales - for customer convenience, there is an option to place orders by email.
  • Motivation for agents - creates opportunities for people to sell beyond their limits.
  • Category Management - with a smart management system and a team of professionals, we advise to optimize the distribution of products on the shelfs to maximize sales and profits.
  • Monitoring prices and new products - we monitor the prices of the whole market, all competing products, and the newly introduced regular and stock market products.