Snacks and beverage machines are filled with standard popular products of UAB ‘Osama’ represented trademarks or the content can be adjusted according to your preference.

The content of coffee and hot beverage machines may consist of the following products’ group:

  • Coffee beans and instant coffee, and various options of coffee drinks: black coffee, white coffee, cappuccino, cappuccino with chocolate, latte, macchiato, etc.
  • Milk powder
  • Hot chocolate powder
  • Soup powder
  • Tea powder
  • Sugar
  • Disposable cups, spatulas, lids
  • Natural mineral water VYTAUTAS and AKVILĖ
  • Juice and soft drinks TYMBARK and KUBUŠ in glass, PET and Tetra Pak packages.
  • Snacks and sweets: crispbread, talers, candies, bars, wafers, pastilles, gummies, crispy sticks.


Contact the manager, responsible for maintenance of hot drinks and snacks machines, and you will be provided with more detailed information and will be given the offer of the products you are interested in.


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